It all started with a desire to design the type of apparel I wanted to wear.
Several years ago, going to the mall was like a ritual for me - with no money in my pockets and a lot of imagination, I would literally goe to my favorite stores, try some clothes and redesign them in my mind.

- "Why add that flashy button on such a beautiful shirt?" I oftentimes asked myself while trying some of those name brand apparels or
- "I wish this dress shirt did not have the brand's name written so big on the back!"

"When something you really want does not exist you should create it" ...not sure who said that but with that philosophy in mind - I then started to design my own t-shirts, just the way I wanted them to look.

I loved the whole process from designing for fun - no pressure about pleasing someone - to the day I receive my package in the mail. It was simply a joy. 

To my amazement; friends and especially strangers in the street will compliment my t-shirts. Then I started to dream: "What if I could design apparels for a living?" How wonderful would that be!

And so was born Michael Ghimicelli, a fashionable brand aimed to celebrate the charm of a simplistic lifestyle.

 Thank you for reading my story,
- Michael Ghimicelli